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Sit back and relax!

Get comfortable with me and imagine the kind of website you would like to have.  I am here to help make it happen.  I offer personalized service in building affordable websites for small businesses.

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I would like to make your experience in website building an enjoyable one, hassle free and convenient.

Whether it is just a simple informational business site or a dynamic website that you need, I will build them using WordPress. WordPress is the most powerful publishing platform and Content Management System (CMS) on the web. Your small business website will also be created in Responsive Design which makes it flexible for viewing from any mobile devices such as smartphones, iPad, iPhone, etc.

Affordable Websites for Small Businesses

1. A simple informational website or static website
2. A dynamic website without a blog
3.  A Dynamic website with a blog (great for small businesses)

Features and Functionality that You Can Have for Your Dynamic Small Business Website

  • Variety of  themes/designs
  • Blogging platform                                       dynamic small business website fetures
  • Spam blocking capability on comments
  • Standard or customized contact forms
  • Document upload capability
  • Email sign up forms for updates or newsletters
  • Secure individual password for member management
  •  “Search” buttons
  • Social media integration
  • Social networking widgets, feeds and buttons
  • Search Engine Optimization  (SEO)
  • Owner’s email address attached to  domain name
  • Site Statistics
  • Online calendars
  • Customized widgets and menus
  • Photo gallery
  • Video upload capability
  • Embed videos from other sites
  • Paypal Payment buttons and “Donate” buttons
  • RSS Feeds
  • Mobile friendly
  • Login Security Feature

Additional Services

  • Submission to search engines + pinging services
  • Other link building services for better SEO
  • Extra back up
  • Graphic services/headers/banners/other background image


Building affordable websites for small businesses is really challenging when it comes to pricing. Regarding pricing, I have researched the current market before setting the the price per website package.  The pricing here is the lowest I can give, considering the features and functionality that I put together,  so every small business owner can afford a professional website.

SEO Support

It is not enough that you just have a website.  As an added service I will also optimize your website pages  with SEO keywords and other meta description so that it will be indexed correctly by search engines. This is how I can help to ensure that your site will be found when somebody is searching for the kind of business, product or service that you have.

And, when you are ready, I will show you how you can work at the “back office” of your site so you can add anything you want in your pages and posts. This is very important so that YOU can manage your site .  Your website is a lifetime investment for your business!

Get more details about how I am going to build your small business website by referring to Common Questions page.

Note:  The following are not included in my services:  

  • No e-commerce  
  • No Dating sites  
  • No adult sites  
  • No News Magazine

For more information, please give me a call or contact us here.     In order to get started, you may start filling out this form.

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